Astrophotography articles

Digital reduction of film graininess (with downloadable software) Adaptive gaussian blur filter 
Software available for Linux and MSDOS/Windows
Creating a Milky Way Panorama.
Available as HTML for online reading or PDF for downloading and printing (requires Acrobat Reader).
Anti-distortion technique for wide-angle images, allowing the creation of a Milky Way mosaic
Digitale Bildverarbeitung von Astroaufnahmen
(in German, requires Acrobat Reader)
PDF slides of a presentation on astronomical image processing held at the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory, Berlin, on Feb. 26, 2001
Digitale Bildverarbeitung in der Astrofotografie
(in German, approx. 6 MB!)
A more talk on image processing given at the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory, Berlin, on June 18, 2003
Film test: E200, Provia 400F, PJ400, Supra 400
Comparison of two color negative and two slide films
Stars, Dust and Megabytes: Astrophotography in the Southern Hemisphere
(approx. 9 MB!)
Adapted from a presentation given in July 2006 at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Chabot Space and Science Center and an evening talk at the IDS&DRP 2006 Conference. Includes a description of my current mosaic software pipeline.

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