360-degree Milky Way Panorama

View with constellation figures

This 360-degree panoramic view of the Milky Way has been assembled from sixteen 28 mm wide-angle photographs. The individual images were transformed to a cartesian frame based on galactic coordinates prior to assembly, thus eliminating the distortions introduced by the wide-angle lens. For a detailed description of the technique, click here.

This image is a clickable map. Move your mouse cursor across the image and click your left mouse button when the cursor changes shape. How many individual objects can you find?
Hint #1: some of the active areas overlap.
Hint #2: Check out some of the HII regions in Scorpius and Carina.

Instrument Minolta 28 mm f/4 piggyback
Film Kodak Ektapress Multispeed PJM
Dates and Sites July 1997 - White Mountain Research Station, California
March 1998 - Cederberg Observatory, South Africa
September 1998 - Grandview Campground, White Mountain Range, California
Exposure time 30 - 45 min each

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