Universitiy of Potsdam

Soft Transducer Materials and Systems

Prof. Dr. Reimund Gerhard
2016-11-04 16:30 by Manuel Schulze

Simulations and Experimental Data

Here we show some simulations and experimental data. All examples have been calculated for a poled 12-micrometer PVDF film (24 microns for the bimorph).

The upper plot shows the pyroelectric current for a bimorph sample consisting of two layers with opposite polarisation. The bottom figure shows the original depth profile of the pyroelectric coefficient (black trace), as well as the distribution reconstructed from the pyroelectric signal using the reconstruction and approximation methods. The approximation method gives an accurate reconstruction of the depth profile near the heated surface, but fails to reproduce the pyroelectric coefficient in the deeper layers. The regularization method gives a good qualitative description of the depth profile, but produces some artefacts.